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Johnnie Holmes popularly known by his stage name NNGE KASH, was born in Indianola, Mississippi, to Mary Holmes and Johnnie Holmes Sr. He grew up in Mississippi and later on attended Jackson State University.

NNGE KASH started his music career in 2021 with his hot debut single "My Biggest Flex". He collaborated with top super-producers from the Mississippi Delta, Atlanta, Dallas, and Los Angeles to quickly create a buzz for himself. His music is inspired by some of hip-hop's greatest hustlers and businessmen. He is currently residing in Atlanta, GA.

Before beginning his career in music, NNGE KASH was a club owner in Tunica, Mississippi. In an interview with Brinktv Show & Countdown, he talked about the two clubs he previously owned, Club Exclusive and Club 56 Night. He was also asked about all the big artists he brought to his club as an owner. He revealed that the first artist he debuted was the South Memphis street rapper Blac Youngsta.

Within three months of the start of his music career, his music exploded immensely. In an interview, NNGE KASH said that "whatever he does and puts his mind into, he works hard and passionately to achieve it".

NNGE KASH's debut music "My Biggest Flex" is about NNGE KASH's biggest flex in real life. He has said that "His Biggest Flex" is putting his people in a position to win. NNGE KASH is also a big community advocate and loves giving back and representing the people of Mississippi.

When asked how he came up with his stage name NNGE, he said that it stands for "Never Not Gonna Eat" and everybody has always called him Kash since he always had money in his pocket. That's how NNGE KASH was born!

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